Saturday, December 31, 2022

Goodbye to 2022


So many goodbyes 

Another one tonight 

I’m clinging to little things 

Hoping they help me through 

Telling myself I won’t break down

I won’t let this spiral 

I will trust that this is for my good 

And for theirs as well 

And that goodbyes 

Can be good 

But I can’t help but asking 

If maybe 2023 

Might be a year of hello’s  

If at all possible 

Hey y'all, I know it's about time for my highlights post, but I just couldn't bring myself to write it. cliff notes: it was epic because my sister got engaged to a fantastic guy, we had a great family Christmas, my mom gave me a new camera (AHHH!!! =D) and I photographed my first wedding. But then my dog, Luke, got sick and died. I've had Luke since I was eleven, and we saw each other through a lot of rough times. He'd been declining for a while, but these last two weeks of it were awful, and I still feel pretty raw. My room feels pretty empty without him. 

So with that, I'm going to take a break from blogging for a while to just rest and recover. Hopefully, it will just be for a month or so, but I don't know how long it will be. 

See you later, and happy new year!

Saturday, December 10, 2022

November Highlights

This was an insainly busy month. I cannot believe we packed so much in and Decemeber is just getting busier. 

This was my tenth NaNoWriMo! Honestly, this was one of my favorite NaNo’s yet. I challenged myself to write 2k a day instead of the 1,667 words you have to, so I was able to take every Sunday off without ever falling behind. It also came a lot easier than I have ever had before. I rarely found myself at a lack of words, just a lack of time. I wrote during a lot of late nights, car trips, and between events. I also got to have a few writing parties with my sister Grace, and my friend Hannah! I came out with a complete Novella, some poetry, and a handful of short stories, including my (apparently annual now) Star Trek Fan fiction! 

I got bored one day at an event, so Rebekkah showed me some of the basics of knitting. I was amazed at how much fun I had! This probably isn’t going to become a new hobby, but I’ve had fun practicing. Rebekkah’s lets me use the end of her string a lot as long as I take it out when I’m done. I did make a perfect little one-inch square that she let me keep and that made me insanely happy. XD 

I’m not really into puzzles, but I got the Mysterious Benedict Soucity puzzle book and stayed up late after doing NaNo to finish it one night. I normally don’t stick with puzzles that long, so I was so excited when I cracked the final code and was able to get my certificate online. That was fun! 

Sarah and I finished Star Trek Deep Space Nine. It was very bittersweet because it was the last new show I had that we were going to watch together. We always have re-watching, but still, it’s not the same. Anyway, it was fun to watch together, even if the ending was not super satisfying. Now we just have to decide what show to watch together next! 

Our kitten Shadow. 

So for a few months, Rebekkah and I trained to run in a 5K. I am not a natural runner, but I had gotten to where I could run a fair bit of it and I was pretty happy about it. It had been nice and warm up until the day of the race. Actually, it had been 80 the day before, and it dropped to 40 the day of. So we drove to the Zoo with chattering teeth, and about five minutes in… I had some of the worst leg cramps in my life. So we managed to run a bit, but mostly it was walking/limping. We never figured out if it was the cold, dehydration, or what, but anyways, we still had fun. Rebekkah was super epic and stayed with me even though she could have run ahead and we got free entry into the Zoo after, so that was fun!

We decorated for Christmas over the course of a week (We have a LOT of decorations), but when the day we were supposed to decorate our tree came Sarah and Scott surprised us by coming for the evening! I had been really sad that so much of the family was gone, so it was just about the best surprise. <3 

I had to get a lot of cavities filled, so we just went in and got them all done at once. I am so grateful to have it done, and I’m hoping to never have to do that again. It was hard to chew for two weeks solid and that’s not an experience I want to repeat. On the awesome side, I now should have much less discomfort eating hot and cold foods! 

I decided to make a lot of my own Christmas presents this year, so I spent a few evenings binging crafting. One night I watched straight through Enola Holmes and Enola Holmes 2 while working on it. Movies and painting is such good therapy.

For Thanksgiving, we were able to get about two-thirds of the family together, which was awesome! I missed having the whole family, but we still had a delightful time. We had a lovely meal, and then just all sat around talking and catching up with each other. <3 

Us at the top of Enchanted Rock.

We have a tradition of going to Fredericksburg every year around Christmas, so we made it a girl's trip. We did some shopping, had epic Tex-Mex, and then we hiked Enchanted Rock. It was a beautiful day, and it was awesome because my mom fought her fear of highths and made it all the way to the top with us! We enjoyed the top, then got hot chocolate and looked around at Christmas lights on the way home playing a very long version of the alphabet game. Believe me, you are never too old for that game. 

Because we were prepping for our annual Christmas cookie party, Rebekkah and I spent a lot of time baking cookies. We spent one whole day baking, and so we put the Netflix Carmen Sandiago show in the background, which was awesome (we were trying desperately to finish it before my subscription ran out). We had a lot of fun, killed our feet standing that long, and managed to somehow double an already doubled recipe so we spent three hours baking those off. We took a huge plate to our community night, served them at the party, and we still have a lot. XD 

My favorite new read was The Mysterious Benedict Puzzle book, and my favorite re-read was Grace by Contract. The only book I didn't enjoy from the month was On the Edge of the Dark Sea of Darkness. It just wasn't my style. 

Star Trek Deep Space Nine: Sarah and I finished watching through this. Overall, it was my least favorite of the three series I've seen, but I did enjoy it. Dr. Bathsheer was by far my favorite character, and I enjoyed his ending. 

Merlin: I had seen this show around for a long time so I decided to give it a try and watched the first season. It was cute, and I enjoyed the characters a lot. But the magic was a bit much, and I didn't like it enough to continue it. 

Enola Holmes 1&2: They came out with the second movie, so Kate and I watched it together. I was super impressed. The mystery kept me guessing, and the character development was amazing. I ended up re-watching them again on my own and I cannot wait until they release a third. 

Carmen Sandiego: Rebekkah and I re-watched this show. While it's not what I thought of as Carmen Sandiego as a kid, I enjoyed it, and it was very well done.  

Finding Father Christmas and Engaging Father Christmas: These were adorable. I'm a sucker for a good hallmark, but the ones that don't make you gag are few and far between. This was a sweet movie with good characters, without a lot of unnecessary drama in a lot of hallmarks. 

Aladdin: I have never seen the animation, and honestly never been interested, but after hearing a lot of the music from the live-action I wanted to watch it and was pleasantly surprised. I haven't seen a sweet, clean Disney live-action in a long time so it was comforting to know they still make them, even if I didn't agree with everything in the movie.

The Christmas Card: This is by far my favorite Christmas movie. It is just delightful from beginning to end. <3

Mcgee and Me: Classics, these never fail to warm my heart and make me want to do better. The simple conviction in these stories was amazingly well done and now I want to rewatch the whole show. 

It was a crazy month, but I enjoyed it too. How was your November?

Friday, November 25, 2022


It’s a time for dreams

The time for thankfulness  

And family all together

It’s hard not to think

Of all that’s not here

All the people who couldn’t come

Or who never lived to make it

All the things we wanted to do

And all the things we wanted to say

But today I’m going to be grateful

Because we had them

Even for a fleeting moment

We still have family

We still have friends

I wanted to hold on to those fleeting moments

But at least I had them for a moment

And I’m grateful for every last one of them

And all the new moments that are coming

All the new dreams I get to have

It still hurts to dream

But I’m hoping that today

Marks the sunrise

And a new beginning

Not to a perfect life

But to a grateful one 

Saturday, November 12, 2022

October Highlights

Well, this is a little late in going up, but better late then never, right? Thankfully October was busy, but not nearly as much as September. 

My mom went on a retreat to get some time by herself but ended up catching a stomach bug we had been passing around, so we had to go and pick her up. It was a four hour trip one way, so it was quite the day, made even longer by the fact that I got a flat tire when we got there, so we had to get that replaced before heading home. But it was good to get mom since she wasn't feeling well. <3 

I then picked up the stomach bug, but only lightly, so I just spent a couple days on the couch watching movies, and snuggling my mom. For safety sake I stayed home a whole day after I felt well, which meant I missed our churches annual picnic. That was really disappointing so I spent the whole day cleaning out my room to keep myself distracted. Thankfully I never got over it quickly, so I didn't miss work. 

I had a rare day where I went to do babysitting and the kids were all amazing. Good mood all around, fun play time. No tantrums. It's worth noting because this rarely happens. It was epic. O.o

We made it to the pumpkin patch as a girls day. I got a couple tiny ones for my room, and had a blast just going around enjoying the patch!

We got the chance to go up and spend some time with Rose and her boyfriend Stewart. Since Rose was staying over at his parents house, we got the chance to know them to, which was awesome. While we were up in the area, we got to see Michael and Liz for the first time since the wedding, and got to celebrate Michaels birthday!

As a bit of a late post-wedding wind down we found a little airbnb and spent two nights down at the beach. The bad part being, our cars transmission broke so we had to baby the car the last few miles to the airbnb, and then get it looked at, and baby it for the drive back, which made it take eight hours instead of three and a half. the good news? We had an amazing time in between. My mom had set up a little treasure hunt for us in the house, which was super fun, we got to spend our nights watching movies together. On our full day down there we set up lawn chairs right on the beach, and just read, walked, and enjoyed a chill day. I had an insainly good time doing that. It was 100% worth the crazy drive home. 

Our church participated in a Trunk or Treat, and my sister Sarah being the epic person she is put together my cars activity for me since I didn't have the time. She made a huge i-spy board, and I dressed up as Miss Frizzle, which was super fun! I had a blast hanging with the kids, handing out candy and just hanging with Scott and Sarah. =) 

My youngest niece had her birthday this month, so we got to take her out to celebrate! She wanted to walk around Hobby Lobby, so we did that for a few hours, just looking over everything, grabbed ice cream, and introduced her to the Hallmark store! 

We had to very eventful weeks in a row at my bible study, the first being a sudden storm that hit with sure force that I got drenched even while holding an umbrella. As we started driving away, we got a tornado warning, and I could barley see the road so we pulled in and weathered the worst of it in the worlds weirdest Walmart. The next week was Halloween, and I don't normally dress up, but they said anyone could come in costume that wanted to. So I pulled out my Miss Frizzle dress again, and my sister did my hair all curley this time (Using rollers for the first time was way more fun then I thought it would be). My niece was Carmen Sandigo, and was born for the role. 

Lots of new books this month! My favorite re-read was The Girl Who Could See, and my favorite new read was City fo Ember. <3 
I don't recommend The London House at all, which is sad because I love some of her other books. XP

Robin Hood Disney: This is forever one of the sweetest Robin Hood storys. It hits on all the major ledgons about him, but I think it made all the characters a bit more likable. 

Milo Murphy: Rewached a view episodes while on vacation for fun.  

National treasure 1&2: We watched this on vacation because it had been years since we had seen it. I still don't aprechite Ben's character since he is a jerk, but the movies are a enjoyable watch. 

Surprise island: I needed a soothing movie, and if you've ever watched these you'd know they are some of the most calming things. I think they did a great job adapting the book into a movie. 

City of Ember: This remains one of my favorite movies. After reading for the book for the first time, I was eager to see it again, and I think it was a great adaptation. Other then a few minor changes, it is very true to the book and I think they added some really good drama. 

Midnight Mascurade: This is an adorable hallmark. It's a gender switched cinderella story, and perfect for fall. <3 

The Chosen my mom and I rewatched this when we got sick and man, i just love it more every time. 

How was your October? 

Friday, October 28, 2022



I want it loud 

Like it is in my soul 

Loud to drown out inside 

I want it screaming 

So I don’t have to  

I want it rushing at me 

I want it pounding at me 

When I feel like stopping 

I want loud 

So I don’t have to listen

So He gave me loud 

Music pounding in my ears 

Reminding me of truth 

Loud wind shoving at me 

Cooling me off in the heat 

He gave me loud thoughts 

Demanding to be heard 

And then He gave me quiet 

Where the wind had stopped 

And all the distractions were gone 

And He met me there 

In the quiet, He whispered 

And I was finally ready to listen