Saturday, July 2, 2022

June Highlights

June was a complete mixed bag of both amazing, and bad. It's one month I don't really know how to define, but I am so grateful for my friends who hung with me through it. 

Since the beginning of June is not horribly hot, I took a day and read in my hammock. Which was a win-win since I needed to read the book for review and it was awesome to spend time outside. Sometimes when work is super busy, it's hard to remember to spend enough time outside, so it's nice to take the summer and hang outside more. 

Since we live pretty far away from everything, I have three library cards for the library along my work rout, so my mom and I took a day, and renewed all of them, which was really fun! We went to the Austin central library, which is huge, and that was a blast. 

I'm working on sorting through my old photos, which is a lot. In June I sorted through most of my backlog from 2017-19 that was unsorted, and in July I'm hoping to tackle 2020-22. If I don't sort, and get rid of the useless photos, they become unmanageable really fast. 

A few months ago my favorite Half Priced Books was destroyed by tornado damage, and this month they finally reopened! I was so excited, I magaed to get a stack of books for an epic price. =D 

My sister and I starting babysitting for two new families, one with four kids, which was fun and chaotic. Rebekkah played an elaborate game of monkey in the middle for hours on end with them, and I read a lot of books to the younger kids. =) The other which was just one baby, which I rarely get the chance to work with, so I loved it!!

For fathers day, we had a family lunch at Whataburger, since that is his favorite restaurant. Then we hung out Sarah and Scotts apartment, and just enjoyed some time as a family. 

I decided it was high time I took back up biking, so I pulled out my bike. After cleaning a pound of dirt off of it, I took it for a ride which was awesome. I have missed it emencely, so I'm hoping I can get back into the habit of going on a regular basis. 

A dear friend had us over for a swimming party. This pool had a diving board! It was pretty epic. We enjoyed a day of swimming, and hanging out. We did a lot of "sycronyized" jumps, and had fun coming up with wacky ways of jumping into the pool. On a simular note, we finally got a pool again! It is an epic above ground one, and we are still working on setting it up, but I am very excited!

Rebekkah, Grace, and I made a time capsole together. It's some letters and a SD card to be opened in ten years. It was weird writing something that I knew wouldn't been seen for a long time! 

Well, to end the month off, my sisters and I passed around a cold. I spent four days curled up on the couch watching movies, and listening to books. I dug out an game of Rollar Coaster Tycoon and played that. Thankfully it was a light cold, so it didn't interrupt to much. =) 

My favorite new book was Kate's Informant by Sarah Holman. <3 That book was amazing! My only re-reads were the Romeo and Juliet code books (I'm getting better) and they were an enjoyable re-read. 

I got a month of Netflix to watch a movie with my friend Kate, so I tried out some stuff on there!

Carmen Sandiego: This show lived up to all the dreams of childhood. I loved playing Carmen Sandiago games as a kid. While I was a bit sceptical of making her a good guy, they totally rocked it. They kept with the fun education, and awesome puns. I would definitely recommend this show!

Bookworm and the Beast: I needed something one night and this looked very hallmark-esk. It was. Honestly, there was nothing wrong with it, but there was also nothing to make it fun. 

Captain America: Okay, so unpopular opinion here: I'm not big into superhero's. After high recommendations though, I decided to try Captain America and it did not live up to the hype. Cap was a good guy, but that's about all that's good about this movie. The bad guy had no definable motive, the supporting cast was either annoying, or quickly "killed" off (I say "killed" because I know no one truly dies, so it's hard to get sad). I found the bad guy to creepy, and the magic cube's abilitys to undefined. Also, the overarching theme was pretty bland. *Shrug* I didn't hate it, I just didn't find anything to like. 

Enola Holmes: I watched this with Kate, and really enjoyed a movie with the fourth wall broken so much. The plot and mystery were very enjoyable, and the characters fantastic. I found the violence to much, and some of the repeated actions a bit annoying (How many times does she need to swap clothes with someone??). But otherall, it was a cute movie! 

Magic Schoolbus: I revisited a bit of childhood here. Some of it was better then I remembered, some of it just downright weird. I remembered how much I hate them pasting kids faces on to animals. XD

Magic Schoolbus rides again: I thought this was an adorable re-boot series! They kept with the originals fun, while adding some new elements that made it even better. But I do miss the original catchprashe. "Be what you see" Just isn't inspiring like "Take chances, make mistakes, get messy!" 

Home: Kate watched this with me when I was having a bad day, and it was a cute little movie. Nothing hugely moving, but the music was epic, the characters very cute, and the ending sadusfying. 

The Railway Children: I loved this as a kid, so it was fun to re-watch and enjoy the characters journay all over again. 

How was your June? 

Friday, June 17, 2022


Life is full of goodbyes 
That I never wanted to say 
People I wanted to hold on to 
Things I wanted to do 
All gone 
Without agreeing to it 
I had memories I wanted to build 
Things I wanted to share
People I wanted to meet 
But all too soon 
It was time to say goodbye 
As they went away to eternity
And it seems to me 
That life is very long 
When you have to say 
So many goodbyes

Life's been a mixed bag lately, but I have been so grateful for my epic friends and family. Drop me a comment with your favorite song right now. I could use some new material. 

Saturday, June 4, 2022

May Highlights

This month has been crazy packed, but it was awesome! 

We started off the month in Texas, but by lunch time, we had arrived in Colorado Springs, and went to Garden of the God's. It was amazing, crawling over the rocks, and just admiring God's creation. That night we got to the YMCA and wow, it was jam packed but epic from there. The next day it snowed, but we had already signed up to do archery, so we did it in the snow, and nearly froze. XD They have a craft hut, so we all enjoyed some time there. I made a few small mosaics, my favorite being a big H done in purple and white. We did a space themed Escape room and made it out with nine minutes to spare, but it was intense! We did a lot of swimming, and enjoyed their adorable library on site. On our third day there we woke up to really deep snow (For us Texans!) We had been planning on going out for my mom's birthday, so we all cheered when the snow plows came and dug out the roads! After lunch we walked around Estes Park, and just shopping for fun. The whole stay was delightful, we did a lot of hiking, and some rollar skating. We also narrowed Bannagrams from the Y and played for hours while snowed in. We when were driving home we went by Focus on the Family, which was definitely a highlight of the trip because I love Adventures and Oddesy and was able to get Wooton's mail cap! Also they had Last Chance Detective memorbila! The road trip was definitely very long, and the whole trip had it's up and downs, but overall it was awesome! 

Rebekkah and I have a tradition of walking down to a nearby tunnel every year in May, so we got out kind of early and walked down. It was an hour a half of walking and picking wild blackberry, which was super fun! The only downside was it being hot. XD 

My sister and I bought hammocks when they were on sale, and now we have been setting them up in the evening and reading since it's pretty nice once the sun starts to go down. I'm trying to spend more time outside this summer, so the hammock has been a very nice, easy way to move myself out there. 

We've started having family nights on Tuesday's, and we cycle through who organizes them. I was first, so I made steak, and we played a bible triva game. It's fun to have suspific time to spend with family! 

As most of you know, my brother Michael is a nurse, and this month he received a humanitarian award at his work, so they snuck us into the hospital so we could surprise him when he received the award. It was so much fun to sneak around and see him honored for all the amazing work he has done. 

For the full lunar eclipes we set up a card table down at the end of the drive as we watched the eclipes while playing spicey Uno. It was a ton of fun, as half the time we couldn't see our cards and were having to hold up lights just to be able to play, or having to make new rules up as it progressed. the eclipes was beautiful, and I wish my camera had been able to document it better!

My Mom and Rebekkah went camping for two nights, which left Grace, Dad, and I at home alone. So we went to the library and grabbed some movies (My mom doesn't love movies, so we try to watch them while she's not gone so as to not annoy her). That night I took my niece and we met my brother at an arcade and spent a few hours. The next two days we just binged movies, my personal favorite was watching all three new Narnia movies in a row. 

I finished off a couple jobs for the summer, which I will definitely miss, but I am loving the time off! Now that my work is down to about two days a week, I am taking the time to work on more projects at home, and my (hopefully) my writing. 

Rose came home from Africa!! She moved out a year ago to go to YWAM, and has only come home for brief visits. But after going to two semesters of school, Panama, and Africa, she is home for the summer! After so many people moving out, it's nice to have Rose home for a bit as she raises support to go back. <3

A local church hosted a movie night of Encanto. We brought blankets and set up on the floor. They provided snacks, and hot dogs, and we all got to sing along! It was chaotic, but fun! 

In a lot of ways it's been an epic month, but some things have been going on in my life that had just made me feel my own weakness in acute ways. For that reason I'm stepping back from social media for a month to let me refocus on God. I'm also stepping back from some movies, and books that have just been pushing me further from God. I would love your prayers as I work through some things! 

I watched a LOT this month. All of vacation I only watched one movie, but over the last three weeks of the month I watched through a ton. We finished our watch through of Emergancy, and I re-watched a lot of old favorites. Some new movies I watched: 

Curious George: Somehow I had never seen this! It wasn't quite what I imagined, but I enjoyed George and his adorableness. 
The Amazing Spiderman: I really loved Peter Parker, and some of the drama was just amazing, but the plot was rather full of holes, and unessasary sadness. Needless to say, I am not a huge fan of superheros. XD 
The Man who Invinted Christmas: Wow, this movie was fun! There was some unexpected language, but otherwise I loved the portrayal of a writer writing his book. Also, it gave some more depth to A Christmas Carol. 

I read a lot of new books this month! My favorite new one was The Van Gogh Deception, and my least favorite was Written Off. It didn't live up to the others in the series. My favorite re-read was Red Rain and Pride and Predudice. <3

How was your month? What is your favorite vacation you have ever gone on?

Saturday, May 14, 2022

A Look Into Colorado

Hey! I wanted to share some photos from our vacation to Colorado. I'll share more of what we did in my highlights post, but I had to many photos to fit there. These aren't in the correct order, but I figured it didn't matter to much. 

It snowed two days we were there, and it was especially fun to see the deer out in the snow. <3

This is at the top of Bible Point, a small mountain near the YWCA where we stayed. We are, in fact, standing on a ledge with a sheer drop off in this picture. That was kind of terrifying, but it was worth it to get some fun pictures! 

This is my bro-in-law being awesome at Garden of the Gods. 

Rebekkah and I at Garden of the Gods. <3

My Mom, Dad, Rebekkah and I first came to Garden of the Gods in 2017 for our graduation trip, so it was very fun to come back together. 

This is a model plane at Focus on the Family. This is my happy place. It had so much Adventures in Oddessy and The Last Chance Detectives stuff! 

I hope you enjoyed this very brief look into our vacation. It was a delightfully relaxing time where I read a ton more then I thought I would, hiked, swam, and spent an insane amount of time in a craft hut. Of corse it wasn't perfect, but I enjoyed it a lot! I already miss the mountains. 

Friday, April 29, 2022

March and April Highlights

It was a very busy two months! I didn't have time to put together favorite posts, but here's the rest!

I got to meet Sarah for a library book sale, which was incredibly fun. They had a huge room filled with bins of books and it was amazing! I didn't get a ton, but it was fun to go. 

My mom, sister, and I went on a shopping trip and got new running shoes. I haven't done running a lot before, so it was fun to get new shoes as I gear up for taking on that. Breaking them in has been miserable, but I have loved running more!

My phone was having some issues, so we had to reset it. Thankfully it fixed the problems, but setting up my phone again and regaining some lost numbers has been an interesting thing. 

Rebekkah and I at our camping trip

We went camping with a dear family from our church! I had never actually been camping before, so it was interesting. The first night we got there we just set up our tent, played with the boys we were helping watch, and had amazing chili (our hostess makes award-winning chili that is truly the best.). That night our mattress deflated, and our heater didn't make much of a dent against the 33-degree weather, so it wasn't super fun. But the next day was better. We got to go for a hike on our own, and I got a nap in the warm tent when we got back. Then we hike a peek with the whole group. That was exhausting, but incredibly fun. We had a hot dog roast that night, and the next day we packed up and left a bit early because of my work. But first, we got to walk around the river, and then we made the 4 1/2 hour trek back. 

We went to a childhood friend's wedding. We have known their family since I was about six, so that was an awesome event. It was a lovely wedding, we got to catch up with some old friends, and Rebekkah caught the bouquet!

Since Rose was leaving for Africa, we made one final trip up to Tyler to visit her. It was a short visit, but we got to give some final hugs to hold us for the next two months, and that was awesome. 

We had a string of tornadoes hit our area, and Rebekkah and I were actually sent home early from work that, and we had a touchdown near us, so we all squished in our inside bathroom for half an hour while we waited for it to pass over. Thankfully it completely skipped over us, but it hit right next to our work! We got the opportunity to volunteer with Samaritan's Purse and help with the clean-up, and I really enjoyed that. They have such an amazing attitude and a great system for helping. I thoughtfully enjoyed my time with them. 

My sister and I had a full-blown craft day. We put on movies and just worked on everything from sun catchers to shadowboxes. She helped me do a plaster pawprint of my dog because he is just the cutest thing. <3 


I decided to do Camp NaNo this month. My original goal was 20,000, but then my laptop broke. My sister was incredibly generous and shared hers with me, but it wasn't as easy to type, so I got pretty behind. By the time I got my laptop back (Thank you to my awesome brother for fixing it), it was too stressful to go for 20k, so I lowered my goal to 15k and finished on the 28'th!

Grace and I did the bubble run! So it's a 5k charity benefit run with gates that give off huge amounts of colored bubble suds. By the end, we were completely covered in all the different colors, and it was a blast!

Well, the oak pollen was horrific this year, so I spent a lot of two weeks with a fever, congestion, and a cough. Thankfully once the pollen went down, it got much better. 

We decided rather quickly that we wanted a beach day, so we packed up and went to Galveston for the day. We swam a ton, and then we rode the ferry where we saw a baby dolphin! It was a wonderfully relaxing day. 

We celebrated passover with a family from our church and then had a fairly quiet Easter where we mostly just sat and talked. <3 My church met in a hotel ball room this time, and it was squished, but delightful none the less. 

Our family at passover (Rose was in Africa)

I had a cold for about a week of the month. Nothing horrible, but it kept me from doing a lot other then just sitting on the couch and cuddling my mom. We took advantage of the time to work through a lot of Emergancy! So now we are almost done! 

I went to Frisbee with my sister for the first time. We used to be part of an awesome group, but they disbanded, and we recently found that our church had a young adults group that met for Frisbee. Sadly, it's on one of my consistent work days right now, but I had the day off and got to try it out and had a blast. I was so sore it hurt to walk to the next day but it was 100% worth it. XD 

My sister Grace and I had a writing date at a coffee shop (Where I promptly drank tea). We co-wrote a thousand word story about a magical bookshop, which was a ton of fun. I haven't co-written anything in years, so it was interesting getting back into it. 

My sister's goat had 4 babies! One was a runt, and not being nursed by it's mama, so we're having to bottle feed it. Since we don't intend to keep it long we have just been calling it "Tiny" since he is so little. Having a goat around the house is definitely interesting since they do try to eat everything, sleep in tiny spaces, and follow you wherever you go. XD

This is FT when she was about six months old and hadn't filled out yet. 

Our much loved barn cat FT (Which stood for Feirce Tiger) died of a snake bite. She had eight kittens a few weeks ago and spent her last hour pulling them all up onto our deck out of harms way. We didn't have the time to take care of them all so we found an awesome shelter in our area that takes kittens and will re-home them for free and gave them most of them. My niece kept two. <3 FT was only three, but it feels like we had her forever, I get home late from work a lot, and she would always wait for me on the deck so she could nuzzle me before I went in. 

I did my first overnight job babysitting! I did not expect it to be that nerve wracking to be the one in charge through the night but I now have a lot more respect for my mom who used to tell me how stressful it was when dad was gone, and I simply didn't get it. XD 

We went to Palmetto state park and hiked around the river, and through gorgeous woods, and a swamp. Honestly, it was nice to just get out in nature after a long work week. 

And by time you are reading this my family and I are going to be on our way to Colorado! We are taking a week long road trip

March books. Favorite new: Ivanhoe, it was amazing!! Least favorite, Trixie Beldon. 

April: Favorite new book: The Cross Centered life. An amazingly short, but good book. Favorite re-read: MBS book 4. It's a favorite. 

I mainly rewatched this month, but my sister showed me Captain Marvel (My first Marvel movie) and I really enjoyed it. I got to re-watch Ivanhoe after reading the book, and that was so fun. 

How was your March and April?