Saturday, September 19, 2020

How to Level up Your Babysitting Skills

I've been a babysitter for five years now, with over ten different places I have worked, and every time I walk into a new job I feel completely unprepared. Each set of kids are different which makes each job unpredictable. But I have picked up some tips along the way, so here they are:

1. Pray a lot. 
I try to use my drive to work to pray. I am not a naturally patient person, so I usually pray for a lot of patience, that I would be a good influence on the kids, and that they would react well to my authority. It's hard for a lot of kids to have someone different come in and be in charge, so I pray extra for them, knowing it's not going to be easy for them. 

2. Cultivate genuine love for the kids. 
I have walked into jobs before where there are 10 kids I'm helping watch and I don't like any of them, but choosing to love them despite not liking them makes a world of difference. You can't change how the kids act necessarily, but you can change how you react to it. Choosing to like them to doesn't hurt either. ;)

3. Get down on the floor. 
Kids like to be played with. I personally love sitting on the couch and watching kids play, but they do well with adult interaction. Sit down, play with the toys, let them knock down block towers you build. It's really fun, trust me. 

4. Focus. 
Don't let your focus get off the kids for to long. Phones, books, movies, they're all fun, but even if it's a pretty casual babysitting job, it's a good idea to just leave your phone in your purse (With the ringer on so parents can contact you) and focus on the kids. 

5. Don't take it personally. 
My mom told me this and it has been the number one biggest help in my babysitting career. If you work enough babysitting jobs, you'll hear a lot of stuff (i.e. I hate you, you're mean, go away) none of it fun to hear, but you don't need to take it personally. More often then not, kids are just upset that they're parents are gone, and are taking it out on you. Choosing each time a kid acts out to not take it personally but it just deal with the issue helps way more than getting flustered.

6. Be willing to work (and play) hard. 
When I go into a job, I try to let the kids have as much fun as possible. I'm here for only a short part of their day, and I want them to look forward to coming back. Parents may not always have the energy to play tag with their kids after a long day of work, so I try to do it. I don't always feel like showing kids how I can do a cartwheel (Which is still lopsided, but I guess that's beside the point), but I never regret it when I see how happy they are. So go the extra mile, read a book when your voice is tired, iron 20 pearler beads and get burns, play hide and seek for an hour. You'll enjoy the memories. 

Bonus tip: Keep track of funny things kids say. I have started doing this recently and it is the best! 

I may not be a world-class babysitter, but I do love working with kids and I hope these tips help. 

What's your favorite thing a kid has said to you? Comment below and I'll tell you my favorite kid quote from this week.

Saturday, September 12, 2020

Shouldn't You Love Today?

Just some thoughts on the pressure to join different movements, and days to talk about certain issues. Typically I try to keep my poetry happier, but this is just what I've been feeling lately and I wanted to share. 

Shouldn't you love today?
Shouldn't you love this movement? 
They do a lot of good
They change the world
Shouldn't you love that? 
Shouldn't you speak up? 
Shouldn't you take a stand? 
They need a reminder 
They need a voice 

But I can't
I'm trembling on the inside
Every time this day comes
I feel like I should speak 
But I'm not like you 
Your pain caused you to be bold 
Your hurt turned into helping 
Mine left a bruise 
And made me shelter it 
Talking about it doesn't help 
And speaking out isn't just painful 
It's debilitating 
And I'm not ready for that  

Please don't tell me my silence is weak 
Please don't tell me I'm hurting people 
Please don't say you're saving a life
And I'm just watching them die 
'cause you don't know me
I've got my own pain 
And you've got yours 
I want to love today 
But I can't 
I'm not ready for it
So please don't ask me to 
I'll tell you when I can

Go change the world 
I'll join you when I'm ready

Saturday, September 5, 2020

Ausgust Highlights

August was a mix of super chill, and hecticly busy as work started up again. 

I went completely off of lactose for two weeks. I am a weird mix of more than just sensitive, but not highly allergic, so I went 100% off to see if that would help some problems I was having. It helped a ton, so I am now about 95% lactose-free. If it's low enough on the ingredients list, I'll still eat it, (Like below salt or things like that) because that means there's probably not enough in the product to give me problems. So yeah, that's meant mainly just giving up a few products, but not to much.

I saw my first accident actually happen. I was with my mom and we saw someone using the turn lane to get around traffic, and they plowed into someone turning into the business from the median. Thankfully they both seemed fine, but it was still kind of scary to see. Needless to say, I sincerely hope you never catch me using the turn lane for anything other than turning. =P

I deep cleaned my room in anticipation of work starting. Boring, but it felt very good to get done.

I did something I haven't done in a long time: I sat down and read a book straight through. Six hours on the couch just reading through Follow the Dawn by Rachelle Rea. The book was epic, and just reading like that was great.

Me and a random feild of cotten, because why not?

We're getting a new young adult pastor,  which is pretty bittersweet. Aaron was my first Young Adults pastor, and he is awesome. It's sad to see him go, but our new pastor, Bart, is pretty cool as well and I'm looking forward to seeing our group grow.

So I was reading a book and came across this really creepy part... at midnight. My sister happened to be up, so she watched a very chill Star Trek Voyager with me to get my mind off of it. It worked beautifully, and now we can say we've watch Star Trek till 1AM. XD

My brother and I were on our way home from church and we saw some stuff out by our neighbors trash. We got two tables with stools, and a fishtank with all the plants, food and stuff. That was pretty fun. Trash out in our area can be awesome. XD

I played a lot of Mario Kart. That was really fun.

Some of my sibings and I. <3

I started work at three new jobs. I'm a babysitter, so on Monday I work with my sister Rebekkah teaching preschool at a homeschool co-op. On Tuesday I watch one darling little girl (We mainly just play), Wednday and Friday I watch 3-5 kids (including my darling). It's been a lot to learn since I'm not used to working with this many kids just me, but it's been good. My sister Rose and I get to carpool, so we're reading a book together! =D

Us three youngest randomly met up in town for Pizza. <3

Our church met on Saturday night once becasue the hotel we meet at had a wedding on Sunday morning. So my sister and I got dinner together, then went to church. It was pretty fun!

My whole family went to the zoo together. It had been quite awhile and it was HOT but we had a blast. =D

Honestly I love SO many of the books I read. Follow the Dawn was amazing. In 27 days might have been my least favorite, but it was my own fault. I knew what I was getting into. ;P

Currently... Eliza Noel
Cute Iron-on Transfer Shoes Life Without a Latte
There is Good Coming. There is. All I Know is Grace
Save the Supportive Best Friends Once Upon an Ordinary

So, how was your month? Ever rescued treasures from someone elses trash?

Saturday, August 29, 2020

Hope is Coming

Hold on tight a little longer 
There is hope up ahead 
I know it’s dark right now 
But the sun is coming 

This wall that you’ve built 
Is not going to protect you 
You’ve got to tear it down 
And let the sunshine in 

I know it hurts to love again 
But someday it won’t 
I know it hurts to be vulnerable 
But it will save you in the end 

Things may be dark right now 
And you can’t make a light 
But you know the source 
of all light

Hold on tight a little longer 
Hope is coming with the dawn 
Don’t let go. Don’t give up
The purpose will be clear soon

Sunday, August 23, 2020

Video's for a Rainy Day

I really want to do a life update post, but I haven't had a lot of time/energy for it yet. So I thought for today y'all might enjoy what I've been watching lately. Youtube has been a fun way to unwind after work. Most of these are comedy sketches, but there are a couple songs in there also.

1. Elevator Romance Gone Wrong Studio C
I'm a sucker for comedy sketches done to a song, so this one is right up my ally.

2. 2020 is the Worst Year Ever It's a Southern Thing Y'all
This is just a funny video about several years getting together and having a "worst year ever" competition.

3. If We Have Each Other Alec Benjamin
A beautiful song, with a pretty epic video. <3

4. Sir Humphrey: The Woke White Knight Studio C
What if someone took modern communication philosophies back to medieval times?

5. Cool With Being Crazy Willow City
This is a super fun song and a really cool video to go with it.

6. Budget Cuts Studio C
A sketch without any props due to budget cuts, which turns out pretty funny.

Go ahead and let me know if you check these out. Even if you don't, comment telling me how your week was!